Our Capabilities

Content Creation

The content of your website is the first thing users will see and will determine whether they stay on your page or press the exit button. Directing resources towards content creation is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Outsourcing your content creation work to HKJ Marketing will save you time and energy, and allows you to focus on the things in your business that you are best at.

You would agree that the best websites are the ones that keep you engaged. At HKJ Marketing, we specialize in creating websites with a multi-media approach. We offer a variety of content deliverables, such as high quality video, photography, written copy, and graphics, that will keep your brand relevant and your clients interested.

Web Content Writing

Words are vital to developing a relationship with your client. Our content writers create professionally written copy that is consistent with your brand voice, tone, and style. Our team’s editing process ensures your body copy is compelling, concise, and, most importantly, grammatically correct.

What sets us apart at HKJ Marketing is our focus on training our writers in SEO optimization, specifically key word research and content gap analysis. Our writers perform user intent key word research to improve organic traffic and increase your website ranking. Content gap analysis ensures your written copy is better than your competitor’s and is up-to-date.


We specialize in a range of video styles and services. Our How-To videos help you advertise, explain, and sell your products in a purposeful way. We take care of video editing and sound, and make sure our videos deliver the right message for your business.


At HKJ Marketing, we understand that clear, high resolution imagery provides a positive user experience. We offer brand photography options to display your products, services, and facilities online. Our professional photographers work with the most up-to-date photography gear and editing software to deliver top quality images for your business.


Our multi-media approach to website creation includes infographic design. Pairing written copy with infographic material is the best way to keep users on the page. Our graphic designers deliver infographics that are consistent with your brand identity, easy-to-follow, and attractive to your clients.

3D Modeling & Rendering

3D modeling and rendering services will boost product sales and website traffic. Our highly skilled team uses in-depth computer software to create 3D models of products and facilities. The rendering process creates images that appear clean, realistic, and streamlined to keep your brand consistent.


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