“Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.”

Without implementation, something terrible happens- absolutely nothing. The hardest part of bringing your ideas to fruition is putting them into action. When you have one thousand other things on your plate, it can be incredibly hard to find the time or resources to successfully materialize the concepts you’ve been dreaming of. That’s where HKJ Marketing excels. Our team of driven individuals will work with you every step of the way, making sure that all of the intentions you have for your business are carried out to the fullest extent in a timely manner. We can take a small business and turn their vision of success into a reality.

Search Engine Optimization

HKJ Marketing will start from the ground up, implementing the full spectrum of our SEO services. We not only provide website and back link audits, but we know how to improve content through keywords and technical optimization. Whithout a dedicated development team that understands SEO and it’s importance, it can be incredibly hard to make the changes you need when you need them. With our services, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your site is up to date in SEO best practices and is abiding by every Google update’s standards. Some of our SEO services include:

Website Audit

HKJ marketing will provide you with an in-depth site report in order to increase your online visibility. Our services will let you know what aspects of your site draw the most traffic and which parts could use some of our optimization.

Content Optimization

HKJ Marketing will help your website evolve by providing engaging keywords to provide fresh content. With our services, your website’s content will always be evolving, which keeps users coming back again and again.

SEO Training

We provide a way to teach those at your company the methodology in creating ongoing traffic to your site. Our services will teach team members the art of content/technical optimization, link building, and impactful keyword usage.

Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO Optimization helps search engines to crawl and index your website without any errors. Our technical SEO audit and maintenance service addresses issues like 404’s, redirects, crawl budget optimizations, and much more to make sure that your site is working perfectly.

Keyword Optimization

The use of the proper keywords to draw visitors is one of the most important aspects of a successful website. HKJ Marketing will provide you the most relevant keywords in order to increase visibility when someone searches for your services.

Link Building Strategies

With the help of HKJ Marketing, your site will provide the user with one-way hyperlinks (back links) that improve search engine visibility. With proper link building, your site will be higher ranked on Google search, creating more accessibility to your website’s services.

Backlink Audits

With our back link audit service, we can find all the domains that are referring to your site. With this audit we can let you know if your back links leave you at risk for Google penalization and what you can do to remedy any back link problems.

Campaign Management

Before we start changing any aspects of your site, we pay meticulous attention to the data analysis of your site so we can learn more about your audience’s behaviors and demographics. We will get a feel where our services are needed and fill any holes. Our marketing and advertising branch will then take over and roll out extensive, but effective email campaigns as well as blast your website’s presence on social media.  WE’ll handle the management of all your advertising campaigns, taking the pressure off of you. Our extensive advertising sector includes:

PPC (Pay Per Click) Setup

PPC (pay per click) ads will give your business prime display advertising locations, so you’ll appear higher up in the search engine results. PPC is a vital part of a successful site and with these techniques we can help increase your online visibility. We have the skills needed to maximize your profits and lower your expenditure.

Email Marketing Campaigns

There are billions of email users in the world. We’re here to make sure that they hear about your company. We’ll roll out your newsletters and promotional content that will promote traffic to your site. We have the data to know which multi-media content and personalizations contribute to a high click-through rate for email campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

HKJ Marketing will create devoted brand advocates through the biggest platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In conjunction with your business’s goals, we will help develop social media content for your site that engages the masses and creates lifelong customers. We know what makes shareable content and how to deliver it to your desired audience.

Affiliate/Influencer Marketing

To further increase recognition of your brand, we also offer affiliate/influencer marketing. Our services will recruit influential individuals in your field to promote your site and products. Linking your site with a recognized and trusted individual or company will help increase word of mouth about your company’s dynamic services.

Traditional Marketing

Although we live in a digital age, ignoring traditional marketing will be a big mistake for the success of your business. Here at HKJ Marketing, we offer services including TV, radio, and paper advertisements. To help your business build brand awareness and reach your local audience, we offer professional brochure, pamphlet, and postcard services as well.

Design & Development

We can also help with your website development. HKJ Marketing has the resources to provide all your multi-media needs for the design and content of your website. We’re all about creating a pleasant user experience for your audience and we can work with you to bring your designs to life. Our goal is to complete everything you need when you need it, instead of waiting for your in-house team to clear all their to-do lists first. Below are just a few examples of the website development services we provide.

Custom UI Design

The average consumer forms an opinion of your website within 50 milliseconds, meaning you don’t have long to make that first impression. On top of this, if your user has a bad experience on your website they’re 88% less likely to return to your site. HKJ Marketing can make your site both pleasing to the eyes and convenient for your customers, boosting your conversion rates and returning user numbers.

A/B Testing

Our UX designers understand that website traffic and click-through rates are important aspects of your business’ success. We are thorough with our web development process by incorporating A/B methods of website and app screen testing. We give you options and test results prior to launch to take the guessing game out of website analytics.

Support & Maintenance

After initial development and implementation, your site and app will be good to go. However, you’ll want to keep everything up-to-date and modern to provide the best user experience possible. HKJ Marketing offers ongoing support to our existing clients, making maintenance a breeze.

Web Development

If you’ve started your business or you’re upgrading or re-branding, you’ll probably want a new site. HKJ’s development team is filled with highly skilled, creative developers that’ll plan, design, and implement changes with your input every step of the way. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful website with SEO and UI/UX optimization factors implemented, making your business look even better to potential clients.

Brand Identity

When developing your site, you want it to be on-brand with your business’ message. HKJ Marketing can create custom designs, graphics, and colour schemes to line up with your brand’s identity. We’ll make your website perfectly match your company’s vision.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We focus on customer and client satisfaction and retention. Our Digital Analysts make your web pages visible to high rates of traffic, while creating client loyalty. With our professional web designs and intelligent web development techniques and rapid implementation, your visitors will soon become clients.

Once traffic increases on your site, we’ll stay with you to support you through the trials and tribulations of sales if needed. We are a full service company and if you cannot find the services you need, we have the connections to get the job done. No need to worry, your brand’s future is in the capable hands of HKJ Marketing.